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American Crew: ARC

ARC–celebrating texture, technique and shape.

American Crew has introduced a new collection entitled ARC, that beautifully celebrates naturally highly textured hair, giving us striking expanded silhouettes and a diverse range of hair color.

Inspired by the fashion, style and culture of urban Los Angeles in the late 60’s, this collection elevates natural hair through three different cuts, centered around an artistic representation of height and silhouette. ARC, defined as the shape of part of a circle, embodies the collection through carefully adapting product to get the result of larger than life shapes.

Phoenix Thomson Global Director of Education, and creative director of the collection, said: “ARC for me is a celebration of natural hair color and texture.”

“This collection really evolved over the pre-production stages. We started the process imagining we were creating a fundamental curriculum, but our plans changed so quickly as we got so inspired and excited in a really organic way.”

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