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Laura Davidson

The whole truth has yet to be discovered…

Tune into HBO to watch an intensely personal journey as American Crew founder, David Raccuglia, investigates whether Chester Weger is responsible for the brutal murders of three women at Starved Rock State Park some 60 years ago.  

HBO documentary series, THE MURDERS AT STARVED ROCK, explores the 1960 brutal murders of three women at Starved Rock State Park in LaSalle, Illinois, and the decades of questions and doubts left in their wake. Produced by American Barber Films and Mark Wahlberg’s Unrealistic Ideas, The Murders at Starved Rock explores this 60-year-old murder mystery. The convicted killer, Chester Weger, maintains his innocence after 60 years in prison and seeks exoneration. Haunted by the murders in his hometown, David Raccuglia has spent the last 15 years delving into the case files, convinced that the whole truth has yet to be uncovered. 

What is truly compelling is the fact that David’s family has a personal connection to this case. 

David said: “As a kid, Chester Weger was my boogey man, I used to lay in bed terrified that he was going to kill me, because my father was the prosecutor who put Chester in prison for life for his crimes.” 

David is on a quest to find out whether there is evidence to prove that Chester is innocent and if there is, he wants to expose it to the world, as this has left his hometown divided for 60 years.  

Join in with David’s investigation on @HBOMax, it is streaming now.  

Lions Barber Collective pops up at Newton Abbot train station

Newton Abbot Station hosted a pop-up barbershop on January 10, where men got a free haircut and a chance to discuss their mental health at the same time. It is one of the first pop-ups to be hosted by The Lions Barber Collective following a £25,000 grant from Great Western Railway, reports DevonLive. 

Three barbers who have been trained to recognise signs of poor mental health in their clients were on hand to cut hair, trim beards and provide a listening ear. 

They were joined at the station by South Devon Samaritans volunteers, who were handing out cups of tea to passengers ahead of the charity’s annual Brew Monday campaign on January 17. 

Torquay-based barber Tom Chapman founded The Lions Barber Collective in 2015 following the death of a close friend. 

Recognising that barbers and hair professionals are often a friendly ear to their customers, Tom collaborated with experts to develop a training programme for hair and beauty professionals to support their clients and communities. 

The clinically-backed BarberTalk programme gives barbers the skills to direct questions to trigger conversation and to signpost clients to the support they need. 

Tom said: “We’re fully-trained to make people look and feel amazing and most importantly listen with empathy and without judgment to those in the chair. We’re using this as a vehicle to connect with the community and start conversations around mental health.” 

GWR Community Manager Emma Morris added: “The Lions Barber Collective carries out vital work in helping to open up conversations around mental health and we believe these pop-up barbershops could be of real benefit to some of our customers and colleagues. 

“We’re really excited about this pop-up at Newton Abbot and look forward to working with the Collective to bring more of these events to our stations.” 

While the third Monday in January is sometimes referred to as ‘the most difficult day of the year’, the charity is highlighting that there’s no such thing as ‘Blue Monday’ as people can feel a range of emotions any day of the year. 

South Devon Samaritans branch director Dean Sanders said: “We’re really looking forward to being at Newton Abbot station to talk to passengers and are so thankful to the rail industry for their support. 

“As we enter another winter in these difficult times, we are encouraging people to look out for their family, friends and work colleagues and be that listening ear that they might just need. 

“It doesn’t matter if it’s Monday morning or Thursday night, or if you’re drinking lemonade, black coffee or apple juice. If you’re sharing a cup of something and listening, you’re making a difference to someone’s day.” 

Written by Guy Henderson, Devon Live.  

Fellowship offers Online Hair Health Workshop

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing is kicking off the new year with an invitation to join its ONLINE HAIR HEALTH WORKSHOP, which is open to all non-members as well as members. 

The workshop is scheduled for January 17th, and the workshop will be mentored by Trisha Buller and Kerry Mather. 

Trisha and Kerry will be sharing their passion and expertise for trichology and nutritional advice.  

Trichology and nutritional advice have become the norm in hairdressing salons and hair loss, both temporary and permanent, is no longer a taboo subject. The Covid 19 pandemic has increased anxiety and stress levels significantly, emotions that can cause hairstyling havoc. Hair loss is being flagged up as an unwelcome side effect for those recovering from the virus. Learn from the experts how the appliance of nutritional science is the secret to healthy hair and healthier profits in the current trading realities. 

Meet the mentors: 

Trisha Buller MIT SRSH, Ciente Salon & Spa 

Senior Consultant Trichologist and nutritional practitioner, Trisha, will present her manifesto for promoting healthy hair from within. She’ll reveal how going deeper into the dermis pays dividends and share her business building strategies for today’s changing hair and scalp health market. 

Kerry Mather, KJM Salons 

Seasoned hairdresser and owner of KJM Salons for 30 years, Kerry has acted as Vice-Chairman of the Fellowship, been a BHA nominee and BHBA winner. She’s passionate about promoting hair health within her salons, and turning troubled strands into confidence boosting glossy locks. 

If you would like to be involved in the Fellowship’s full events and educational programme, you can join the Fellowship here. Link to 

For more information on the workshop and other upcoming events, go to 

Darrel Starkey’s 2022 Trend Predictions

Clients of all ages are excited for a new year and getting closer to a normal environment once again. Trends are beginning to emerge in the salon already and are inspired by the fashion houses and runways around the world.  

Darrel Starkey, Taylor’s Hair Studio 

The Peaky Blinders Cut  

With the return of Peaky Blinders gracing our screens very soon, this once again has a huge influence on the hair world, with many male clients opting for the blunt cut, made popular by Mr Thomas Shelby himself. The style features a close skin razor around the sides and back, teamed with a heavy top section. The undercut of the top section remains very blunt, giving off a feeling of strength and power. To give this style more of an edge, cut into the blunt line, to give an uneven edge.  

When creating this look, the top section can be tailored to suit the client, however I would advise using a texture or sea salt spray to give the look a much more creative feel and giving it a real uniqueness.  

The Perm  

Popular in SS21, the perm is back and going nowhere! Men are loving this voluminous textured look and this is set to stay as we approach early 2022. Teamed with a fade around the sides and back sections, this is a real statement look for the male clients out there and gives the illusion of thickness – something many guys are looking for. This is a great style which lasts for a while and is very popular with the younger, genz clients.  

The Short Slick  

Taking inspiration from celebrities such as David Beckham, Brad Pitt and Colin Farrell who have all sported this look, the short slick is a classic style which carries itself through winter 2021 to the new year, and will be hugely popular on the runways and with clients. Keeping hair a good length, the hair is slicked back towards the crown area, giving an effortless, classic look. The hair is cut at one length with a few disconnected layers included to allow the slick to sit perfectly when pulled back and can be parted into the classic curtain style if required.  

Founder of Charity Haircuts4Homeless Honoured in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List

Stewart Roberts founder of Haircuts4Homeless is appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire in the Queen’s New Year Honours List 2022.

Back in November 2014, Stewart was volunteering for the Salvation Army and decided to bring his scissors along. Afterwards, he posted some photos on Facebook and received an overwhelming response. Just like that, Haircuts4Homeless was born.

Haircuts4Homeless, is a charity where skilled hairdressers give their time to provide haircuts for homeless people in the UK. 

Today, Haircuts4Homeless is a registered charity with 67 projects across theUK & Ireland with 600 volunteer hairdressers and has given over 40,000 haircuts. 

“Whatever the causes of an individual’s homelessness, the consequences can be brutal. Homelessness damages people’s capability: they lose skills; they can’t think think about employment while worrying about housing; their health becomes impaired due to being homeless. It knocks their resilience, self-esteem and self-confidence.” 

There is something very personal about cutting someone’s hair that can be both enjoyable and therapeutic which is something that many homeless people rarely get. Homeless people have many challenges to face, one of them often being low self-esteem. A haircut can have a great effect on someone, giving them a real boost. It’s often way down on a homeless person’s priorities so this service which for most is a luxury proves to be very popular.” Stewart Roberts, founder. 

One of people’s basic rights is for them to feel good about themselves and this service can give that to people. It may be “just a haircut”, but it’s the kindness shown that makes a homeless person know that people really care. 

“It was such an honour to receive this MBE and a real highlight after two challenging years. I have been working with the homeless for over seven years and no one really knows how much it completes me.

“Having battled with addiction for many years it has given me an empathy and understanding that enables me to make a connection with our guests and quickly form a trust that is essential in what we do. 

“It has not been an easy road with covid and challenges to secure funding; however, this award is in recognition of our army of volunteers and guests,” said Stewart Roberts MBE.

Life Goal Lessons with Leaf

The team at Leaf Scissors have produced some simple exercises and advice on how to start making goals in 2022.

The pandemic and its consequent restrictions plunged our industry into the most difficult and turbulent period many of us have ever experienced. And while we may now be adjusting to the ‘new normal’ and life post-Covid, the repeated disruption, uncertainty and disappointment of the last two years has taken its toll – financially and emotionally. For many, making long term plans still feels bold and ambitious – we’ve become so accustomed to rescheduling appointments, holidays and special occasions, that setting goals for the future seems risky.  

Feeling demotivated and unfocused can have a knock-on effect in all areas of your life and if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that mental health needs to be a priority. To look after others adequately – your clients and colleagues, for example – you need to first look after yourself. 

With this in mind, the team behind Leaf Scissors and Leaf Academy have devised five easy tips to help visualise your future and realise your goals. Whether you’re a salon-based stylist needing motivation, a manager looking to re-energise your team or a freelancer keen to get your mojo back, these simple exercises are designed to create a positive mindset and fuel your ambition for a more successful and productive you, giving you the tools to start the new year with your best foot forward. 

1. Switch off 

Spend some time by yourself; choose a place that feels peaceful with no distractions. Turn off your phone and think about your life and your goals. Disregard what anyone else’s opinion might be – the process is a personal journey for you. What do YOU want from life? What do YOU want to achieve in your career? 

2. Use visual aids 

Look for imagery or videos that summarise your goals. Try Pinterest, Google or Instagram, or choose magazines and books that represent the core of a goal for you. Hairdressers are creative artists and having visual cues allows you to really focus on what you want to achieve. 

3. Ask yourself four key questions: 

• What changes do you want to create for yourself in the next year? 

• What changes do you want to create for yourself in the next 5 years?  

• What potential issues could you come across whilst implementing these changes? 

• In what ways are you committed to creating these changes?  

Visualise your future. The world is full of endless opportunities for you, all you have to do is believe that are within your reach and remind yourself of them every day! Bring them to life and manifest them! 

4. Make a five-year plan 

Commit to doing this regularly in order to re-evaluate your dreams and aspirations.  

5. Make your goals a reality  

Talk to people about your goals and tell them what it is you want to achieve. Once they’re out in the world and people know about them, they’re much more likely to become a reality. 

NHBF Welcomes New Financial Support for the Industry

HM Treasury has confirmed to the NHBF that hair & beauty salons are eligible for the new Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG). You must apply to your Local Authority, which each sets its own application criteria and review applications. There is currently £250 million left in the ARG pot in addition to the £100 million announced today. 

Richard Lambert, chief executive says: “We welcome this additional financial support for our industry and urge salon owners to check as soon as possible if they are eligible for a grant from their Local Authority. For many people this could be the vital help they need to save their salons from the devastating impact of the Omicron Variant.” 

Find your local authority here: 

In addition, the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak also announced the reintroduction of the Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme (SSPRS) – the SSPRS will help small and medium-sized employers – those with fewer than 250 employees – by reimbursing them for the cost of Statutory Sick Pay for Covid-related absences, for up to two weeks per employee. This scheme will be reintroduced from mid-January 2022.  



Andis® Company, a leading manufacturer of barbering, styling and grooming tools, announced the launch of its iconic Master® Cordless Clipper — a hero tool among barbers the world over — with a sleek, new copper finish. The copper-colored, corrosion- resistant housing, black blades and matching premium charging stand make the Master Cordless Limited-Edition Copper Clipper a visually stunning addition to any station.

“We’re excited to release the Master cordless clipper in a limited-edition copper finish to give barbers and stylists the opportunity to stand out in the shop and express their personal style,” said Angie Vlasaty Peterson, Andis VP of Marketing. “The Master is an icon in the barbering world, evolving from the original corded Andis Clipper to the cordless powerhouse tool of today. Its high-speed performance is why you find it in the hands of today’s top creators — this is a top-tier clipper for the professional who isn’t afraid to let their confidence shine.”

This limited-edition Master’s housing and blade colors are applied using an innovative PVD coating process that is more durable than paint to resist scratching for a long-lasting finish. Each clipper comes equipped with a black Taper blade that adjusts from 000 to 1 to take on anything from tapers to faux hawks and includes a complimentary Fade blade for skin-close results (a $50 value). Both blades feature a 28-tooth cutter compared to the standard 22-tooth for greater precision and performance. The two adjustable blades and a set of five premium metal clip combs allow endless versatility for creating behind the chair.

Similar to the best-selling Master Cordless Clipper in silver, this Limited-Edition Copper Clipper has an incredibly powerful, high-speed rotary motor that’s perfect for sculpting all hair types and styles. The extra long-lasting lithium-ion battery stays strong for more than 90 minutes per charge, so barbers and stylists don’t have to worry about unleashing their creative vision.

You can purchase the new Master Cordless Limited-Edition Copper Clipper exclusively at MSRP: $370.00

OSMO: How to Make New Pantone Colour Work for Your Clients

PANTONE Colour of the Year: Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri

The leading global authority of colour, PANTONE, has officially revealed the Year’s Colour for 2022:  PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri, a vibrant peri-winkle blue with violet-red undertones.  

OSMO® Global Ambassador Michael Convey and owner of Convey Salons, Stokesley shares his thoughts on the new colour trend: “I think the new colour of the year will be very on trend for clients. It’s so soft and pretty and we’ve seen versions of this coming through over the last few months already.  Although blondes tend to be warming things up at the minute, I think by the summer 2022, we will see clients starting to play with tones like this. This is similar to how we saw the rebel streak with apricot tones popping just around the face – this will be a great way to introduce clients to the new colour of the year.” 

To embrace the new yearly hue, reach for the OSMO Color Psycho in Wild Violet, apply to pre-lightened / bleached hair and leave for 15 – 30 minutes before rinsing thoroughly and voila, on-trend hair is ready to go.  

The OSMO Color Psycho collection is available in 14 incredible shades. The semi-permanent colours can last up to six weeks and the ready-to-use formula is ammonia and peroxide free, and even conditions hair as the vibrant colour is deposited. 

Size: 150ml 

Price: RRP £8.45 

Available from your nearest wholesaler, visit for a list of locations.  

Paul Loft house wins Award at national Collective Pride Awards

Paul Lofthouse will be celebrating this festive season, having just been named as the winner of the Sam Wall Unsung Hero Award at the brand-new Collective Pride Awards, sponsored by Professional Beauty.

Launched by mental wellbeing and suicide prevention charity The Lions Barber Collective, the Collective Pride Awards recognise the hard work of unsung hair and beauty heroes across the UK, in eight categories – those who not only deliver exceptional services day in, day out, but go the extra mile to help others in a time of need, genuinely making a difference to someone’s life.

Tom Chapman, founder of The Lions Barber Collective said:

“After losing award-winning barber, LBC Ambassador and friend Sam Wall to suicide last year, I wanted to do something to keep his name alive – celebrating those who really look after their clients and the communities they sit within, as well as those who go above and beyond to make a difference to the industry. I am so proud that Paul Lofthouse has been awarded the Sam Wall Unsung Hero Award for the phenomenal work he has been doing within the industry, and work like his is the reason the Collective Pride Awards were born.”

Paul Lofthouse won the Sam Wall Unsung Hero Award for work he has done in mental health diagnosis and treatment, suicide prevention and suicide bereavement services. Paul lost his father to suicide in April 2020, and has dedicated a large amount of his time to working with Hospitals and looking services in Hertfordshire & Essex to ensure mental heal this treated as seriously as physical health and that support is available for those who need it.

He said:

“It is a huge honour to win this award and I dedicate it to my Father, who we lost to suicide and my Mother who we lost to Covid-19, both in April 2020. I look forward to collecting my award in January.”

Tickets to the Awards Ceremony, which is taking place on Monday 17 January at the Barber Surgeon’s Hall in London. Tickets are now available to purchase via Eventbrite.