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Issue 32 of BarberEVO North America is out now!

With three iconic powerhouses on our cover, you just know this issue is going to be one to dig into. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and enjoy… 


On our cover this month, we have three of the biggest names in barbering – Brandi Lashay, Hayden Cassidy, and Taylor Leven. This power trio gave us exclusive access to their badass photoshoot together, held in CT Barber Expo’s Mohegan Sun Casino venue. We talk about everything from tools and products to career highlights and what it takes to be a successful barber in 2023.   

Running a great barbershop is all about finding a balance between barbering skills and business prowess. While both will naturally come to some of you, the two don’t always come hand in hand. That’s why we have put together a barbershop business feature, offering business advice, success stories, and hints and tricks on improving your business through techniques like retail and service packages.  

Retail is a funny thing, because although it can nearly DOUBLE your yearly revenue, still a lot of barbers and barbershops are put off by it. Why? Perhaps they don’t like having to give their clients a sales pitch, or they don’t like keeping track of inventory. Well, in this feature, we are going to debunk and unpack your retail fears and get you to a place where you are ready to rule your retail!   

Close your eyes and think of a barbershop. What’s the first image that comes to mind? Other than maybe a barber pole, you probably pictured a barber chair! They are an iconic element of the barbershop interior and one of the most important investments and purchases you make for your shop! So, how do you ensure you’re making the right choice and avoiding buyer’s remorse? You’ll find out in this issue!    

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