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BarberEvo Issue 8

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Issue eight explores the progressive nature of the barbering industry.

The very definition of barbering is now under question. Previously the general consensus seemed to be it relates to men’s hair but it might not be that clear cut anymore. We discuss how LGBT-friendly Hairrari NYC ensure a trip to the barbershop is an affirming experience for all. Is it the techniques? We talk to Kevin Luchmun and Charlie Cullen who in many ways epitomise the current shift towards male hairdressing.

Women are also no longer a novelty in the barbershop. Pope The Barber, owner of LA’s Vatican Barbershop, talks to Larry The Barberman about the importance of building a brand and we look at the female-led education platform Barberella, who recently hosted their second event in The City Of Angels.

Alongside in-depth interviews you will also find the usual dose of barbering news, products, events and education.

All this and much more can be found inside the 100+ glossy pages of issue eight.

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