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Andis Company has announced an exciting new product launch, taking the Iconic Master Clipper – a prized, best-selling tool among barbers – cordless. The Master Cordless Li gives barbers and stylists the same renowned high-speed cutting performance and precision as the original Master Clipper, but now with more power and the added flexibility of a cordless design. 

“This clipper may look like the classic Master, but inside lies state-of-the-art engineering and technology that makes this the most powerful, high speed cordless clipper Andis has ever built,” says Andis Co-President, Matt K. Andis. “In addition, our constant motor speed technology ensures it won’t drag or stall – even when cutting the thickest hair.” 

As with all Andis tools, the name of the game is power and precision, and the Master Cordless is no different. The powerful lithium-ion battery provides 90 minutes of runtime and weighs nearly 30% less than the corded version.  

Ideal for tapering and fading, the Master Li blade adjusts from size 000–1 with the flick of a lever. Barbers can also rest assured that their workstations will remain uncluttered and organized, as all clippers come with a premium charging stand. 

Like the rest of their collection, the Master has the same level of quality woven into its entire design, from the precision adjustable carbon-steel blade that stays sharp longer to unbreakable aluminium housing that protects the mechanics of the clipper. 

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