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Barber Offers Free Haircuts to Those with Disabilities

Sunderland barbershop owner, Shado Hasso and brother Basil, to offer free haircuts to those with disabilities as a way ‘to give back to the community’.

The brothers, who both own their own Star barbershops respectively, have joined together to dive into the charitable venture together. Shado had even went into care homes pre-pandemic to give free haircuts but currently is unable to continue this.

He has been offering the free service to those who have disabilities which make it difficult to earn an income to afford the expenditure such as a haircut and has done for the last four years.

We want as many people to know so that more people can benefit from it” says Shado. He also states that the service is for anyone with any disability and at any age, and that they don’t even have to book beforehand.

They have been praised by both locals and people online for the hard work and kindness, receiving messages of positive affirmation on Facebook and by their patrons.

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