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Raw Talent

We open this issue up with an incredible story from our cover star, SCurl Ambassador Angel Raws.

Angel tells us about how determination, taking yourself out of your comfort zone, and accepting new opportunities can lead you to positions of power and respect.

We also talk about his position with SCurl, his experiences as an educator, and his advice for young barbers looking to make it big. 

Old Spice

There are few brand names as universally known as Old Spice.

We all remember their advertising campaigns and their signature scents.

A brand that has survived since 1937 is certainly doing something right, but they have gone one further to step up their game— The Old Spice Barbershop in Columbus, Ohio. We talk to Chris Talbott, Senior Brand Director, to learn a little more about Old Spice’s brand-new venture. 

Hair Art

It is no news to barbers that working with hair is an art, but some barbers out there have given that phrase a whole new meaning.

We talk to hair art pros like Los Cut It, John Carmona, Henry Rodriguez and Assyria Gindo, to learn a bit about the skills and techniques required to create their works of art, where they draw their inspiration from, and the tools and products necessary to get the job done. 


In this industry, you don’t just pass your exam and throw away your books. Education is something that is continuous throughout your entire career.

The day you stop learning, is the day you die. In this feature, we spoke to leading educators such as Kevin Nguyen, Alessandro Comai, as well as mentor/mentee duo turned educational team, Zach Ramsay and Cam Mahar, to learn a thing or two, and find out what the best lessons they have learned over the years have been. 

Summer Haircare

We have had a rough year and for many this summer there is only one goal: live your best life.

So, we spoke to Eufora Style Director, Mirza Batanovic for the best tips for barbers and clients on how to get the best summer hair, and how to keep it healthy and protected in those summer elements. 

Essential Scissors

What might seem like an obvious necessity to any barber: the humble scissor and the skillset that goes with it, has seemed to have somehow gotten lost along the way. However, the art of the scissor is back and sharper than ever.

With tips from scissor-work expert Alan Beak, to advice on maintaining your shears from Washi scissors. This feature is jam-packed with helpful tips on how to keep your skills and your tools from going dull. 

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