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PROJECT: Colour spend amazing day with Adam Reed

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s PROJECT: Colour kickstarted their year with an amazing day with session stylist and salon owner, Adam Reed.  

Organised by project leader Paul Dennison, the team headed over to Adam Reed London salon in East London for a day of inspirational colouring with wigs. Adam told them: “I want to create hair that makes people stop for a second to look closer. Maybe it’s a weird texture or the shiniest hair they’ve ever seen. It could be astonishingly intricate or a little bit eccentric. Perhaps it’s an arse-kicking technical cut. But irrespective, it held their attention. That’s what great hair should do.” 

Paul said: “Having Adam mentoring the first day for the new team was great. He brought a great energy and made the day relaxed and fun, starting with a group discussion, giving the team a great insight into how he likes to work. The team then had an opportunity to get creative working with wigs.” 

Member Luke Logan commented: “The day was awesome! I think the main thing I took away from the day was just to be your true self and not to follow the trends within the industry,  but create them.” 

Sophie Perfect added: “We spent the day colouring wigs and really focused on placement. We went in with the less is more approach and it’s amazing the results you can get by tweaking what’s already there.” 
Kayleigh Byrne enthused: “Our day with Adam Reed was so inspiring! I really enjoyed learning all about his career and how he came to be the amazing hairdresser that he is today. He gave us lots of advice and really pushed our creativity to the next level by having us think back to basics and create beautiful colours using the phrase “less is more”. We spent our day working on wigs that had been previously coloured, using techniques to enhance the previous colour. Adam is extremely talented and insightful, he had a detailed story for every question we asked!”  

Project Team Leader: Paul Dennison 
Project Team Members 

Luke Logan, Strand & Lock Aveda 
Luke Tyrrell, Headmasters Mayfair Salon 
Callum Iqbal, Brendan O’Sullivan Hair & Beauty 
Andrew Feve, Anti.Dote 
Kayleigh Byrne, Tribe Salons 
Sophia Martin, Amaryllis Salon 
Louise Munro, Alice & The Hair 
April Mash, Strangeways 
James Holroyd, Yoke The Salon 
Kate Mclaughlin, Sarai Hair & Beauty 
Sophie Perfect, GFC Hairdressing 
Ella Gray, Aurora Hair Salon 

For more information: 
Instagram: @fellowshiphair 
Call 01295 724579   

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