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Squire Technologies raise $34 Million in series B funding

Barbershop management and point of sale system software company, Squire Technologies, have raised the substantial sum of money as part of a series B round of funding.

Series B funding is a round designed to taking a business to the next level, beyond the development stage. With this latest round of funding, the firm has now raised over $46.2 million to date.

CEO and co-founder Songe LaRon commented, “Small businesses are hurting right now. Fortunately, barbershops are well-positioned to thrive in an economic downturn since people will always need haircuts.”

Company President and co-founder Dave Salvant added, “Our goal has always been to put our customers first and be a resource in times of need.”

The company have also launched a new website designed to help barbers in North America and in the UK. Visit : for more information.

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