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BarberEVO UK Issue 45 (Jul/Aug) is out NOW! Get your Copy HERE

The latest issue of BarberEVO UK is OUT NOW! This issue is set to make waves in the industry…bringing you exclusive content from the best barbers in the business. BarberEVO has brought together a collection of content from our esteemed columnists and industry leaders, whilst also highlighting those rising stars of the industry. Our summer shake-up issue covers everything from interiors and business to hair loss, client comfort and colour. With all of this…and even more – this issue is one for the books! 



This issue, our cover star is the Nomad himself, Miguel Gutierrez, co-creator of STMNT! BarberEVO were lucky to join the STMNT Team take over Barcelona this June for the STMNT 2024 Summit. The STMNT Team gathered in the sunny Spanish capital to watch as the global stars of STMNT Creative Team share the most innovative editorial looks. BarberEVO has the inside scoop – with exclusive info from STMNT co-founders Miguel Gutierrez, Sofie Pok, Julius Caesar, and the team of STMNT global ambassadors.


In our Summer shake-up issue, we are bringing the summer trends to life. We speak to Nick Taylor from the iconic American Crew about their newest collection: Yearbook. Taking you back to your last day of school, racing onto the football field – and knowing that school’s out for the best summer yet. BarberEVO has also managed to bring you the buzzing summer trends from the Babyliss PRO stars, Charlie Venn, Jay Roberts and Simon Butcher. In this summer session, you can also get the exclusive trend tips from Mike Taylor of MTE Hair & Barbering Academy. With a visit to Kent-based Chaps Grooming Co and a look at Byrd Pomade collab with Tallboys – summer in the hair world is in full swing. 

Barber of the Edition 

For our summer issue, the Barber of the Edition is…drumroll, please…Oscar Mendoza! The rising star on the UK hair scene is taking his barbershop and academy to new heights, whilst simultaneously taking his passion and teachings to stages across the globe. Find out more about his journey of resilience and commitment to his craft NOW! 


In BarberEVO Issue 45, Leicester barbershop Roots/CO. has taken the top spot of barbershop of the edition! Owner and founder Vinay Lakhatariya took BarberEVO through his journey to Roots/CO. and tells us exactly why he only has the best of the best in his shop. In this edition, Savills owner Joth Davies also reveals the inside info of moving into his new and expanded barbershop. Additionally featuring BarberEVO columnist Hayden Cassidy, the tiny barbershop Treehaus and Nael’s Hairworks – you can find all the interior insider info HERE! 


Vikki Harrison Smith is back to talk 10 years of building her barbering empire. We also sat down with MR Brothers Cut Club founder and Brosh Ambassador Daisuke Komatsu, so you can read the Diary of this CEO. In this edition, you will also take a trip to Switzerland with us, to join Heiniger owner, Daniel Heiniger, and Creative Director, Rex Silver – going behind the iconic tool brand. With more info on all-important business issues, such as franchising and booking software, you too can have a booming business in no time.

Hair Loss 

Hair Loss is a major facet of this industry and, at last, the subject of hair loss is breaking free from the shackles of taboo! Josh Lamonaca sat down with us to chat about the subject and tell us exactly why hair loss solutions are a MUST in the barbershop. Trichologist Tiffany Hall also features in this edition, giving the BarberEVO audience all the important tips and tricks to help with your clients’ hair loss pain points. 

Client Comfort 

Keeping your clients comfortable is the key to keeping them coming back. Barbershops need to consider all aspects of their clients desired sensory experience – from the aesthetics and furnishings to the services themselves. Comfort is everything! BarberEVO columnist Carlie Cardle talks shop, noting that you can make client comfort your very own USP. We also caught up with barbershops from across the UK, including Angus Mac Salon, Club 13, The Good Folks and more. Columnist Mark McIver also returns to the pages of BarberEVO, alongside columnist Simon Shaw.  


Closing out the summer edition of BarberEVO UK is the section that will tell you everything you need to know about colour. Talking top tips for introducing colour to the barbershop and featuring a great chat with Ainsley Walton about his barbershop Har Sessions – BarberEVO can now reveal that colour is the summer trend that is here to stay. 

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