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TOOL SELECT – the ultimate resource to find the perfect tool for every style, every cut

Not sure what tool you need for a cut? Check out TOOL SELECT by Andis.

With so many clippers, trimmers and tools on the market, this simple, free to use online tool selector, created by Andis Company, helps barbers and stylists find the right Andis tools for every style, every cut. 

Visit TOOL SELECT at and the resource guides barbers and stylists through every technical need to arrive at a selection of tools perfect for the job in hand. For example: Choose HAIR and you’ll be invited to select from FULL HAIRCUT or DETAILING, OUTLINING OR TRIMMING…Go the FULL HAIRCUT route and you are presented with a range of different cuts and then hair types to tailor tool choices to your specific requirement. In just a few steps, a wide range of Andis tools is narrowed down to a small selection compatible with the cuts and styles that you’re looking to create. 

‘This innovate online resource helps barbers and stylists to find the perfect tools for every cut and style’, says Angie Perino, Andis Global Education Manager – Barber and Beauty. ’This simplifies the task of finding the right tools and ensures barbers and stylists get what they need quickly and effectively.’

Discover TOOL SELECT at to find out what tools you need to create the ultimate cuts and styles.

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