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BarberEVO sits at the top of the printed-publication game as the most sought-after barbering magazine in North America and throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Encapsulating the ever-growing and fast-paced barbering industry, we release bi-monthly editions which cover every barbering topic, issue, and discussion – upholding the fine traditions of the industry but creating space for the contemporary facets too.

Producing the best printed barbering content for both the North American and UK & Irish markets is something we are exceptionally proud of – and being the top promotional channel for brands and marketers on both sides of the Atlantic is a title we take very seriously.

Every edition of BarberEVO is curated to appeal to every type of barber imaginable, however given the nature of the industry, these topics translate with great interest to their patrons also. Our creative and editorial team strive to produce the most insightful, engaging, and fascinating content imaginable. Working with the biggest names in the field of hair and grooming they create features such as education, the latest trends, interviews with industry-leads, the essentials every barber needs, and so, so much more.

We have also established ourselves from every other barbering publication out there by offering insight into the world that surrounds itself around barbering and its incredible culture.

We connect brands with barbershops and the key players in the business, and with our years of experience, exponential growth in readership, and networking we can offer the best cost-effective service in marketing and advertising for you and your brand.

Complementary copies of each edition of BarberEVO UK & Ireland are delivered to over 5,000 of the UK and Ireland’s top barbershops, major training academies and colleges, plus additional copies are made available at leading industry events throughout the year. An additional 15,000 copies of North America’s top barbershops, major training academies and schools, plus additional copies are made available at leading industry events throughout the year.

BarberEVO leads the pack in every lane of all things barbering, and never before has such passion, talent, and creativity been placed in the hands of the best names in the industry, barbers both old and new, and connected every channel in barbering in such a substantial way – and we are proud of every letter, image, and page.

The proof is in the print!