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2 Years on: Gillette – Stepping Up to Help Barbers Across the US

Two years ago today, shops across the United States begun to reopen after a lengthy lockdown due to the Pandemic, BarberEVO worked with Gillette on keeping your clients, your staff, and yourselves safe.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) can be a major investment and Gillette wanted to do its part for the barber community by providing equipment that helped better protect those of you who were just getting back at work, along with your valued clients.

To help keep the barber community safe as shops were reopening, BarberEVO teamed up with Gillette to donate 20,000 protective face shields to barbers across the United States.

This was part of a larger relief effort to support workers, relief agencies and communities on the front lines of the pandemic. To date, Gillette has produced and donated more than 300,000 face shields for health care workers in response to the needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lots of barbers across the US received their face shields and sent out their gratitude online:

“Shoutout to @Gillette for sponsoring our sweet new face shields! Shaves and facials have never been safer!”

Prodigy Salon// @prodigysalon

“The Gillette face shields are great…Our clients love them and it gives them peace of mind to come in the shop to get a haircut – thank you!”

Marcus Williams// Marc Republic, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“#Salute to BarberEVO & Gillette for donating these face shields to barbers!”

Sipp the Surgeon// The Art of Barbering, Grand Prairie, Texas.

“The face shields help me out so much by protecting my clients and I from spreading anything around. Knowing I’m protected allows me to be at peace when cutting, I’m not so worried about the virus and I can focus on the haircut and taking care of my clients.”

Josue Morales// Sway Styles, Detroit, Michigan.

“We love the new Gillette face shields! They’re super light and comfortable. Not only are they providing important extra protection for all the barbers, but our clients also appreciate them because it shows we’re taking their safety seriously as well.”

Erik Zaiatz// Bostonian Barbershop, Boston, Massachusetts.

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