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Acclaimed Barber Opens Micro-Pigmentation Clinic

International barber, Joseph Lanzante has launched a micropigmentation clinic and training facility for professionals.

The new clinic, JL Aesthetics run by Joseph Lanzante, helps people tackle their skin and hair concerns with a non-invasive effective method, whilst also providing high-quality industry training to hair and beauty professionals so they can offer this specialist treatment.

The micropigmentation procedure gives the illusion of thicker and fuller hair by infilling gaps. Women with patchy hair or large partings can improve their appearance permanently and men who are balding can regain confidence by designing their very own crew cut.  This service will benefit cancer patients who sadly suffered hair loss as well as people with alopecia and scarring.

Following intensive training at Harley Street, Joseph Lanzante is now a qualified practitioner and is delivering this service at JL Aesthetics to individual private clients and training industry professionals looking to increase their skill set.

This is an opportunity for those in the hair and beauty industry stay ahead of the game in this ever-evolving market.

Joseph Lanzante already has a reputable name in the beauty industry having run his own chain of 12 successful hair salons. He currently operates three barber shops under the Joseph Lanzante brand and is one of the top barber trainers in the UK through his highly successful Training Academy.

Joseph commented: “The beauty industry is a rapidly growing market with increased consumer appetite to look good and feel great. Celebrities and influencers have created the demand for the perfect hairline, through hair transplants and realignments, which is not an option for some. Our recently launched service is a great alternative to help people battling with their insecurities which are otherwise completely out of their hands.”

He further stated: “This is also a fantastic opportunity for salon owners to add a whole new skill to their repertoire. Training in micro-pigmentation will entice in a whole new customer database who are looking for an alternative to hair transplants and surgery.”

Micro-pigmentation is a cosmetic technique which introduces natural colour pigmentation into the skin using a fine needle.

Similar to the method of tattooing, Joseph Lanzante carefully builds up the colour on a client’s scalp using small spots of the colour pigmentation to give depth and create the illusion of density which was not already present. It can be applied to thinning areas or smooth surfaces to give a stubble effect. A full head would take approximately eight hours and is done over two sessions. The treatment can also be used in a medical capacity to correct scarred or discoloured skin.

JL Aesthetics – based in Lancashire – also offers facial scrubs, hair removal, chemical peels, tattoo removal and various anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation procedures alongside the micropigmentation service.

For more information on micro-pigmentation and training visit: or call 01254 397749

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