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American Crew partnered with celebrity hairstylists at the 2023 Met Gala

American Crew partnered with celebrity hairstylists Laila Hayani and Kumi Craig to provide sleek and on-theme hair for Succession actors Jeremy Strong and Alexander Skarsgard.

Laila Hayani for Jeremy Strong at Met Gala 2023, by American Crew®

Inspiration: Jeremy’s Met Gala look this year was driven by a classic, clean gentleman’s cut. This hair style has a very precise edge and defined shape which requires just the right amount of product to look polished without weighing it down. Using American Crew Fiber Cream, Grooming Cream, and Alternator allowed us to achieve the exact result we were looking for and prepare Jeremy for the red carpet,” states celebrity groomer, Laila Hayani. 

Look Breakdown

  1. To begin styling the look, I worked a pea-sized amount of American Crew® Fiber™ Cream into the top of Jeremy’s clean, damp hair which helped to thicken the hair and add flexibility and control.
  2. Then, I applied a fingertip amount of American Crew® Grooming Cream and manipulated his hair to the natural direction of his hair grain; I used American Crew® Grooming Cream for high shine, to provide conditioning elements, and repel moisture to keep his style intact for the remainder of the night. 
  3. Next, I lightly diffused the hair on a cool setting to dry it in place. Once fully dry, I spritzed a light amount of American Crew® Alternator Finishing Spray to create additional holding power.
  4. For the last step in his red-carpet regimen, I used American Crew® Revitalizing Toner to soothe the skin around the beard and neck area and add a cooling effect for a refreshed feel. I then applied American Crew® All-In-One Face Balm to the neck and around the side of the hair to moisturize the skin and complete this clean, classic look!

Kumi Craig for Alexander Skarsgard at Met Gala 2023, by American Crew®

Inspiration: For Alexander’s MET Gala look this year, I wanted his hair to be stylish, yet effortless and casual, complementing his recent role in Succession. I was able to achieve this by using American Crew Fiber Grooming Foam, Forming Cream, and Grooming Spray, which provided a strong hold for the red carpet without appearing overly primped and polished,” states celebrity groomer, Kumi Craig 

Look Breakdown

1.  To achieve Alexander’s look, I first applied a moderate dosage of American Crew Fiber Grooming Foam to his damp hair to provide heat protection and manageable volume. I then used a diffuser to reduce frizz and enhance the natural texture of the hair.

2.  Then, I finger combed a small amount of American Crew Forming Cream through the hair for a medium hold, natural shine, and added volume.

3.  To finish the look, I blow dried the hair with a diffuser. Once dry, I sprayed a few spritzes of American Crew Grooming Spray to the styled hair to hold everything in place for the long night ahead and provide the hair with a smooth after feel. With buildable coverage, it’s a go-to for touch ups throughout the night if needed.

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