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An interview w/ Paul Taylor-Clinch

British barber Paul Taylor-Clinch talks all things Reuzel and his move from Bristol to Rotterdam.


When did you first hear about Schorem?

  • I first heard about Schorem about two/three years ago, when I was simply scrolling through YouTube. This was before all these YouTube barbers started, and I just got mesmerised by their style and how they work, everything. To me it was a whole side of barbering that I didn’t even know about so I was hooked like a fan. I would watch their videos before I went to work to help inspire me for the day and I just loved everything they were doing.

What was your experience of using Reuzel products in the early days?

  • I first used Reuzel when I was working in a barbershop in Bristol, when a rep came in and we sampled the tonics. I loved it instantly and realised that I didn’t fit in there so I moved to Scammells Barbershop in Bristol (I first wanted to work there because I saw he had the Schorem posters!) and Andy (the owner) who is a great friend of mine, showed me the rest of the Reuzel line and I instantly loved it all.

When did you first see/meet Schorem?

  • I first met Rob and Leen at Pro Hair last year and I was so excited. We joke now about it, I queued up to have my picture with the guys at the show and then one year later I presented the Schorem show! That was the best moment in my career to date.

 How does it feel to be the British boy in the Old School?

  • I’m not going to lie, I said yes straight away when they offered me the job without thinking too much as this is my dream job. It was tough at the start because of the language barrier but they speak such good English and the guys at the shop have been amazing help and made me feel welcome and part of the team. It really is an honour to be here, working with the guys that inspire me so much.

What are your favourite styles & products?

  • All the cuts on the Schorem posters (the pink and green) are my favourite cuts, even before I moved. I started to not like how some barbering was turning into “men’s hairdressing” and some of those styles don’t suit every guy. I am very honest and would say something like “that style really wouldn’t really work for you” and I would feel bad as sometimes a customer really would like a certain look but might not want to maintain that style or wouldn’t want to style their hair like that all the time. The classic cuts are a perfect square haircut that looks good even without products and would suit every guy, so it’s just like our posters- the guys on there are real people with real haircuts. For my favourite products, I would choose two as I can’t just say the whole Reuzel line! The first would have to be the Grooming Tonic because it is the most versatile products I’ve ever used. You can use it for blow drying, for styling and as a lotion. There is so much you can use it for! The second would be the green Reuzel. I love it. With the Pomade, you can have those high pomps, slick backs or executive contour styles. Again, it’s a product you can use for many styles.

How have you fitted in with the Scumbags?

  • I feel that I’ve fitted in very well. Personality wise, I think we are all a little crazy in here, that’s why they only have one shop to contain the outbreak! In general, it’s just great to be part of this great team of people.

What is your advice to any young barber with a dream?

  • My advice would be to dream big and you never know what could happen. Rob and Leen dreamt big and it worked for them. I dreamt of working for Schorem and my favourite brand and it worked for me. Just work hard and practice, practice, practise! One day you never know.

What have you learnt working with Schorem?

  • Wow, working with Schorem I’ve learned so much already. I feel my work is always improving thanks to Rob for the one to one training and working with the rest of the guys at the shop. It’s amazing how we all love the classics but then we all have little tips and tricks to throw in to make it a signature so we can all keep learning from each and pushing each other. Gio and I had this game where we would see ‘who can get the highest pompadour today’, so it’s just the little things that we can all learn from and it’s great to work together.

Do you ever want to come back to the UK?

  • One day I will, and will open my own shop but I’m loving it right now and don’t think too far ahead. I’m living my dream job so nothing could really top this. I get to work, learn and laugh with some of the best barbers in the world. I’m enjoying every day but I’m going to try my best to come to as many British events as possible so I can still feel part of home and catch up with friends.


Reuzel products are only available through the official website and online store, and selected stores nationwide.

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