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ANDIS Company On X Games Mode

Kicking off the new year at the ‘24 winter x games where the barbers are just as extreme as the competitors, andis company partners with barber authority to give athletes and vips gold medal looks.

Andis® Company, a leading manufacturer of handheld grooming tools and education for professional barbers took its expertise to new heights in January, literally. Sitting at nearly 10,000 feet above sea level, Buttermilk Mountain played host to the 2024 Winter X Games, as well as Andis Company’s partnership with Barber Authority. Joining forces to offer barbering services in the Athlete’s Lounge, Andis Ambassadors were tapped to style the athletes with fresh haircuts and beard trims to show off at the games, plus at-home tools to keep up the looks.

Teaming up with Barber Authority, a barbering collective founded by celebrity barber Steve Vilot in Lynchburg Tennessee, Andis sent Andis Ambassadors Jose Perez Zamora (@flashy_faded), Julien Howard (@thevelobarber), and Jorge Saldana (goalku_) to demonstrate their own skills on the mountain. Equipped with fresh, custom-engraved Master Cordless Clippers and all new Andis tools including trimmers, shavers and more, these barbers brought expert talent to the competition known for taking things to the next level.

These X-treme styles included many athletes walking away with the X Games official logo shaved into their fades. Snowboarder Pat Fava left the games with a mustache trim by Jose Perez Zamora as well. While the Winter X Games are often synonymous with the long hair that many of the athletes would refer to as “flow,” the Athlete’s Lounge was packed with athletes and other VIPs waiting for their shot at a new, Andis-perfected look. Fades, sculpted mullets, and crew cuts transformed the style of the games.

“Andis tools have powered Steve and Barber Authority for 10 years at the X Games. This year, we were excited to also provide barbers for the event,” said Bruce Bock, Sr. Corporate Communications Manager at Andis. “Jose, Julien and Jorge are extremely talented barbers and everyone who walked into the tent walked out with a perfect haircut.”

“I have always been an Andis-only barber and after years of using their precision tools in my barbershops and on tour, it has been awesome working with the team here at the Winter X Games,” said Vilot. The level of talent and the quality of tools is obvious looking at every haircut that left the tent. We are very excited to continue partnering with Andis, especially this summer at Lollapalooza.”

As 2024 is already shaping up to be a big year for tight, structured haircuts, Andis and Barber Authority have secured themselves as the trendsetters in the world of extreme sports. Sharing the incredible talent of the Andis Ambassadors and the precision of the Andis tool lineup on a stage this large is set to forecast a wave of new styles in the world of barbering.

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