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Andis announces a formal partnership with the Great British Barbering Academy – a prestigious UK academy dedicated to raising educational standards and helping barbers acquire career-changing technical skills. Co-created by acclaimed barber, educator and founder of the British Barbers’ Association Mike Taylor and leading cult barber brand The Bluebeards Revenge, Mike has designed and written GBBA courses. Now, with an exclusive licence to deliver Andis and The Bluebeards Revenge courses Mike, on behalf of the GBBA, approached Andis to ensure the highest quality clippers, trimmers and accessories are used in the delivery of its course programme.

‘The quality of tools is essential to execute cuts, fades and patterns with technical precision and accuracy,’ explains Mike Taylor on behalf of the
GBBA. ‘Andis creates innovative world-class products and we felt there was no better brand to complement the quality of our training and the standards we want barbers to reach.’


From January 2018, GBBA educators will deliver courses using Andis tools exclusively, as well as using them at events and trade shows. As part its course programme, the GBBA is presenting two exclusive Andis courses, both of which are VTCT approved:

~ The Andis Clipper & Beard Day, and
~ The Andis & The Bluebeards Revenge Advanced Barbering
~ Fades & Blades

These courses see a collaboration between Andis and The Bluebeards Revenge facilitated and presented by the GBBA, who have six educators dedicated to teaching Andis courses. ‘As with all GBBA courses, the Andis courses will focus on imparting knowledge, perfecting technique and boosting confidence for barbers from beginners to those who’ve completed their NVQs,’ says Mike Taylor.

As a world-leading tool manufacturer, Andis recognises the relationship between education and using quality tools and products. Andis Education Manager Jessica Zeinstra: ’That’s why this is a great collaboration for Andis. It brings together three key elements essential to great barbering; education, tools and product. We are excited to join forces with the GBBA and The Bluebeards Revenge and look forward to an effective partnership.’

On confirming this partnership, Andis Company’s Vice President of Marketing Karen Formico reinforced the value of education to Andis on a global footing. ‘Education has always been at the forefront of our business and we are very excited to develop partnerships with brands and educational organisations that are committed to raising professional and technical standards.

‘As a 95-year-old company, we are proud to share our industry experience as we develop the tools and resources needed to teach the art of clipper cutting and inspire barbers and stylists.’

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