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Artisan Leather Aprons for Barbers

Artisan Leather Aprons for Barbers.

Handcrafted in the UK.

Your Apron for a Lifetime!

Are you looking to give your business an edge over your competitors?

Here’s an opportunity I’m convinced your customers will appreciate.

It’s a range of hand-crafted multi-purpose Leather aprons unlike any others you will have seen.

Stylish, comfortable and ready for action!

We carefully select the hides to ensure your apron looks good, year after year of wear.

Weighing just 700 grams they’re also light and flexible, and finished with a coating which makes them suitable for daily use.

As you are probably new to this product, we’ve put down some key benefits of owning one of our aprons, which are sure to make you consider investing in our durable leather aprons:

•    This is a short term investment that will save you serious money in the longterm

•    This is a onetime purchase that will last a lifetime

•    Just one apron per staff member

•    Protective coating against stains

•    Easy to clean with a damp cloth

•    No washing costs

•    Very flexible ensuring it is comfortable to wear

•    Standard apron weighs just 700 gr

•    Looks better wear after wear

•    The leather will mould to the shape of your body

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