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Barber Chain Becomes First to Provide Employees with Healthcare

City Image Barbers announced today, 9th of June 2021, that they will be providing all of their full-time employees with healthcare throughout their nine locations.

In very powerful video they posted on their Instagram today, they presented their employees with the news that they will now receive a benefits package including; free healthcare, free dental, free vision, paid sick time, paid vacation time, and 401k benefits.

They addressed that the barbering industry was far behind in regards to proper healthcare, and given the state of the world over the last year and a half they made it a personal mission to make sure that their workers were now taken care of.

They say “We decided to make it our personal mission to put this on our shoulders and push the industry forward and set the standard not just for our company, but for the entire industry as a whole”.

The barbering chain managed to achieve this momentous triumph with no funding from outside investment.

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