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Ok, so football may not be coming home but it still remains quite the year for barbering and the success has been spread across the UK and Ireland.

The barbering industry in Ireland and Northern Ireland has continued to develop its own identity and is explored and celebrated inside the pages of issue ten.

The incredible Ryan Cullen is the star of this month’s Barber Focus, we take a look at Londonderry’s Bareknuckle Barbershop and delve into the shops of Northern Ireland’s capital.

This now the tenth issue and although we seem to have the format down (to some extent) the brand is still evolving. Headcase Barbers – with almost 30 barbershops across the globe – discuss what it takes to create a brand and we speak to two of our favourites, Hard Grind and Captain Fawcett.

We also welcome new columnists, including Ruger Barber’s Carlie Firth, and some of our friends from across the pond to give their insight into the industry. As always, all this and much more can be found across the next hundred pages.

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