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Issue 11 of BarberEVO Magazine UK & Ireland out now

Education is key to the future of barbering and one of the most contentious subjects in the industry.

The subject is often skirted around, but in Issue 11 we put the questions on everybody’s minds to some of the UK’s leading educators. Are NVQ’s being delivered properly? Are they even aligned with the demands of the modern barbershop? What does “job ready” even mean? Mike Taylor, Vikki Smith, and Sid Sottung give their honest thoughts.

Cover stars Adee Phelan and Josh Lamonaca are undisputedly two champions of the barbering industry. Josh reigns supreme and Adee Phelan has returned to the frontline after a brief hiatus. Both rose through the ranks but in different eras. Both discuss how the industry has changed and the challenges of making waves in such a highly competitive time for barbering.

As autumn draws closer we know that fashions will change but what about hair? Some of our favourite fashion-forward barbers discuss the trends they expect to see in barbershops this fall. Short crops? Buzz cuts? The return of the mullet?! I’ll leave it there. Enjoy…

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