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Barbershops of America

Australian men’s grooming brand, Uppercut Deluxe is stoked to announce its latest collaboration with legendary California based photographer, Rob Hammer.

Name sound familiar? Perhaps you’ve admired Rob’s beautifully curated ‘Barbershops of America’ coffee table book? It was our first introduction to Rob’s masterful work with a camera.

With a collection of images inspired by the timeless traditions of the American Barbershop, the latest campaign from Uppercut Deluxe features a mini-series of images and interviews by Rob, with some of the Barber’s behind the most iconic shops from across the country.

Each collection features a look inside a completely unique Barbershop from another era.

Barbershops of America – Part 2 Mack's Barbershop from Uppercut Deluxe on Vimeo.

Whether it’s the collections of cigarette cards on the walls, or the old cinema chairs in the waiting room, the shops featured the latest Uppercut Deluxe campaign speak to a time before ego and social media took over.
With a staged release schedule over the next 8 weeks, Uppercut Deluxe is providing a respectful nod to the traditions of an industry steeped in heritage and nostalgia. Without the shops featured in the campaign, barbering as we know it today simply wouldn’t exist.

Uppercut Deluxe Global Marketing Manager, Tom Woodward, says: “We just couldn’t believe how well Rob Hammer has captured these distinctive and
incredible shops. It’s so inspiring to see Barber’s in their 80’s who are still cutting and showing the new generation how it’s always been done,” said Woodward. “This campaign has been created as a way of reminding the world about what made Barbering great. Without the Mac’s or Tony’s of this world, most Barber’s today wouldn’t have a trade. These guys survived every trend of the past 50 years and still made guys look good every single day.” Woodward continues.

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