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BarberTalk Online Providing FREE Training to Barbers

Partnering with the NHS and South West Mental Health Clinical Network, BarberTalk are offering a new virtual training session to barbers and hairdressers for free.

The bespoke online training course, called BarberTalk Online, is designed to assist hair professionals before they return to work, giving them the skills to help their clients when in need.

This in-depth session builds on the four pillars of training to equip you with the skills to help your clients to better mental wellbeing.

BarberTalk Online training will:

  • Give you the tools to RECOGNISE mental health issues in your clients
  • Equip you to be able to ASK direct questions about the emotional wellbeing of your clients
  • Refine your LISTENING skills to be present at a critical moment for your client
  • Provide you with the resources to HELP your client find support

This is a four hour course where you will learn directly from Tom Chapman and his team of ambassadors, dive into the topics of mental health, share how it impacts you and your job, and learn how you can support your clients.

The course is FREE for a limited time only, with classes running from the 22nd June to the 2nd July.

To sign up to a class, click here.

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