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Bevel Introduce New Bevel Body Line

Bevel is proud to introduce a new category to their product line: BEVEL Body, along with new additions to the Hair and Skin lineups.

Nine new everyday products have been added into the family – the highest number of new products Bevel has ever released.

The brand new Bevel Body lineup takes their dermatologist-tested approach to solve grooming-related problems and brings it full circle by upgrading your everyday essentials. You can now use Bevel from head-to-toe as with products specially designed for your hair, your skin, and finally, your body.

The products have been developed to correct common problems such as dryness, clogged pores, and exfoliation for sensitive skin. Bevel’s mission has always been to provide natural, tangible grooming options for black men and others that have historically been underserved in the beauty and health industry – this new product line is an extension of that mission.

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