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Booksy Announces Sponsorship of the Total Look Community’s Balayage & Shags Tour 2022


Booksy is delighted to announce their sponsorship of the Total Look Community’s Balayage & Shags Tour 2022, featuring noted professional beauty leaders and Booksy Ambassadors, Alfredo Lewis and Philip Wolff! During this 9-city tour that kicks off in September 2022 and runs through 2023, the creative and inspirational duo will be delivering a completely new, interactive educational experience that includes in-person demos of their signature techniques and styles, secrets on how they create Total Looks, opportunities for VIP business and social coaching, “hands-in” immersive training plus state-of-the-art, online “PRE-Digital Education Kit and POST Digital Education Review’. 

“Philip and I had been talking about doing a tour together for a few years but wanted to deliver something unique and fresh that we felt would really uplift the industry. As hairstylists, we crave a real connection, and we all need that in-person experience. So many beauty professionals were hit so hard during Covid and we were more determined than ever to do this tour! We also don’t see a lot of people doing both cutting and color education in one class and wanted to bring extra value,” commented Alfredo Lewis.

Philip Wolff agrees wholeheartedly with Alfredo and is delighted to be able to bring this tour to life.

“I truly believe ongoing education is, and forever will be, such a huge part of personal growth in this industry. As the world evolves, so does fashion and style. Alfredo and I wanted to offer both real world foundational education, as well as current trend color and cutting techniques to create the “Total Look” for clients/future clients.”

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Why Booksy? “I was looking for an app that could help optimize my time in a very unique way.  Because I work in multiple places constantly, I honestly didn’t think something that could support me in a meaningful way existed until I came across Booksy through a friend.  I was a little hesitant at first because I felt the transition process from other apps would be too time consuming and a pain but NOPE, the team at Booksy made the transition so seamless and easy, and even offered features I didn’t know existed! One of my favorites is the Boost feature which allows for any artist to get discovered in their area, build a clientele quicker, and it’s all built right in the app! Bottom line, I love it, my clients love it, and my personal life loves it because Booksy also helped me organize my time for myself as well,” added Wolff.

“Alfredo and Philip are exceptional artists and educators that we are honored to have as our Ambassadors. We know their Balayage and Shags Tour is going to be something very powerful and unique in the industry that will help beauty professionals expand on their artistry, as well as their business acumen. Both Philip and Alfredo embody what we strive to deliver: top education, a community of professionals, and most importantly the confidence in Booksy to support their business in the best possible way,” commented Dee Hadley, Head of Marketing US, Booksy.

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“In today’s hectic world, having the right tools for success is crucial. Booksy has literally everything I need to and even things I didn’t know I needed until I had them! It’s so easy and the support and exposure with Booksy is incredible. I moved across the country in 2020 and thanks to the Booksy marketplace I’ve been able to build a new clientele in half the time it would have normally taken me. Maybe less! It’s the real deal!” he added.

In addition to all the incredible education, tour attendees will receive a complimentary Booksy goodie bag, as well as a special deal for signing up. In addition, participants will receive a free Booksy card reader for your salon’s payment solution, which works seamlessly with the Booksy app. 

For more tour information visit:

Download the Booksy Biz mobile app for free or visit to learn more.

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