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Captain Fawcett’s Great Expedition 2023 Reaches its Grand FINALE!

One Man. Two Wheels. Over 10,000 miles across 27 countries…

British Gentlemans Grooming company Captain Fawcett Ltd, is on the road again for the third and final part of the GREAT EXPEDITION 2023. 

Richie Finney, founder of the multi-award-winning Norfolk-based lifestyle brand, has embarked on the last leg of a three part solo motorcycle adventure. Beginning in May, during spring and summer Richie completed two action-packed tours through Spain, central Europe and the Nordic and Baltic states. The finale, Part Three, sees him continue his odyssey through the heart of Europe, culminating with a photo finish in Paris in mid-October.

Covering 16,000km across 27 countries, the remarkable ride has proved hugely successful. As well as cementing relationships by sharing great moments in the European barbershop community, it has created the occasion to meet new acquaintances – barbers, customers and distributors alike. The Great Expedition is an unparalleled opportunity to showcase the brand’s multi-award winning Gentleman’s Grooming products to existing and prospective buyers on their home territory. Raising public awareness of the brand through barbershop events, the epic road trip is generating a wealth of shared social media content and enthusiastic coverage in the European press. 

Richie Finney (aka Captain Fawcett’s ‘Right Hand Man’) says: “Why Europe? Of course after Brexit we are no longer dealing with a single state (the EU) but 27 individual countries, each with their own nuances and customs requirements, plus others not part of the European Union. Some 78% of our orders go overseas and, furthermore, Captain Fawcett is hugely proud to be named a Department for Business and Trade Export Champion for 4 years running.

I’m taking to the highway because, as tis said ‘the road goes forever on’, but inevitably our time on it is short. The barbershop experience is hands-on. It can’t be replicated through wires and algorithms. The chatter, the laughter, the drinks, the scent of perfume, a massage, a luxurious close shave. Those tangible moments are the antidote to solitude, a tribute to our togetherness. They’re the essence of life itself! So, dear chums, by all means come along and say how do! It’s going to be wild, it’s going to be weird, and it’s going to be one hell of a ride!” 

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