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Charity Duo who are Raising Funds and Awareness for Two Good Causes are Looking for Sponsors to Support Their Epic Journey

On the 5th of January 2023, celebrity hairdresser Adee Phelan and record-breaking charity fundraiser Iain Ward will be travelling a total of 3,000 miles across eight states and through three time zones from New York to LA to raise funds for two charities. 

The journey on foot and by bike will be filmed by a camera crew for a future documentary, accompanying them on a tour bus, which they will eat and sleep on. Along their journey they will be joined by various celebrities that will either run part of the journey with them or make an appearance in support of their cause. Each day of their journey, they will wear a T-shirt featuring a different person to show support to someone who is fighting a battle or pay respects to someone who is no longer with us to reinforce the true meaning behind this challenge. 

Adee and Iain will be donating the funds they raise to two causes close to their hearts – the Marina Dalglish Cancer Foundation and Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM). Adee lost his father to cancer and has struggled with depression for over 30 years. CALM is a mental health charity that offers a free confidential and anonymous helpline, live web chats and support for anyone struggling with their mental health. Iain is living with a terminal brain tumor and was given an estimated five years left to live two years ago. the Marina Dalglish Cancer Foundation supports cancer research and treatment. 

Adee and Iain are looking for brands that can offer sponsorship in order to fund their journey and – once this has been completed – donate to the charity in order to help them raise the most amount of money possible. In return for sponsorship or product donation the pair are offering promotion through company branding of items such as the bikes, tour bus and clothing. 

They are also looking for brands with a large following and active social media status who can help to promote the journey to the general public and other influencers in order to achieve the maximum exposure and potential this journey can take. 

Adee says: “The film crew will be joining us throughout our entire journey and much of the key focus will be when I cut a person’s hair in every one of the 66 towns we will visit on our journey. The opportunities for sponsorship from a key brand from the hairdressing family is immense.”

If your brand is interested in providing sponsorship or product donation, or you have any futher questions, please contact: Izzy Branson Hammond | | 07710 676301

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