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The owner of the barbering institution, Astor Place Hair Stylists, in the East Village of New York City — whose loyal customers include celebrities and even Mayor Bill de Blasio — is pleading with New York lawmakers to eliminate the 4.5% sales tax on haircuts to help stylists get over the COVID-19 crisis.

“City barbers and hairdressers are being unfairly singled out for a punitive tax, yet they are among the hardest-working New Yorkers who are least able to afford it,” said owner of the establishment Jonathan Trichter.

“New York City taxes haircuts, hair coloring, blow drying, wet shaves, hair restorations, permanents and straightenings at a rate of 4.5%. If the city asked the state to snip that tax, I will pass on the savings to our barbers and hairstylists, increasing their pay by 4.5 percent.”

The hair industry was brought to its knees over the last year and a bit due to COVID-19. Barbershop and salon owners have struggled to keep their businesses afloat during this time. This plea comes desperately to provide some chance to give those effected a chance to become stable once again.

The state Tax Department of New York City has confirmed that NYC is the only city to have the tax active currently.


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