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Dapper Dan spearheads national charity campaign ‘Kuts 4 Kids’

UK men’s grooming brand Dapper Dan has announced it is spearheading a new charity initiative, called ‘Kuts 4 Kids’. Globally recognised brand Dapper Dan is coordinating barbershops up and down the UK to provide free haircuts to underprivileged children in their local area, in the last full week of August (from the 22nd - 28th in the back-to-school period).   

The aim of the campaign is to boost the self-esteem of underprivileged children, providing them with a confidence boost from a great haircut, as well as a memorable barbershop experience. It’s clear from the Kuts 4 Kids Instagram page that the campaign aims to kickstart a positive process for kids, helping them with the first stage of building up their self-esteem, which can translate to many aspects of their lives.  

Dapper Dan Director Simon May explained why the brand decided to start the campaign: “With the cost of living crisis happening in this country, we know that a haircut is one of the first things families are cutting back on. Yet, a good haircut can be the small thing that starts a positive chain reaction for so many kids, as well as being something to look forward to in the ‘back to school’ period, which for some children is a particularly anxiety-inducing time.”  

The Kuts 4 Kids campaign will be working with food banks across the UK to ensure vouchers for the scheme are provided to the most in need families. An example of this is in Dapper Dan’s home city of Sheffield, where they will be working with the S6 Foodbank to distribute vouchers to kids all around Sheffield. 

 Outside of facilitating the campaign, Dapper Dan themselves will be donating a free pot of their award-winning hair styling products to every child who receives a haircut from the initiative. Moreover, one of the participating barbershops will be Wolf & Co, owned by Simon himself, who will also be getting involved and providing the shop’s free haircuts.  

Barbers or Hair Stylists wanting to get involved with the charity campaign should contact the Kuts 4 Kids Instagram page (@kuts4_kids), where all the information they need to pledge will be provided.  

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