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Farewell to Red Bumps and Skin Irritation!

No one likes shaving, but any guy’s shave routine can become a much more palatable experience with Eufora HERO for Men ( HERO ) – a guaranteed antidote to those dreaded red bumps and skin irritation.

What’s more, the Eufora Men’s Team helps take the shave experience from a painful process to a skin perfecting treat with their HERO Shave Ritual …a salon tested and guest approved experience that makes it easy to get an uber smooth, close shave every time.

What you should know. It’s not just about the beard hair; the right skin knowledge is key. Learn some softening skills before even considering the shave itself. HERO shave expert and Team Co-Leader Julie Cross says, “There’s a reason barbers start a shave with a warm towel compress – it helps soften beard hairs and skin in preparation for the perfect razor glide. To get that same result at home, always shave after a shower or steam. This prepares your skin and beard for that barber-closer shave.”

Next up? The shave product of choice, and HERO has options…all of them pH balanced and oh-so skin friendly! For those with extra sensitive skin or just a plain old aversion to lathering up, Exceptional Shave is the perfect solution. Its unique “3-in-1 Oil” formula means it is a workhorse, acting as shave cream, skin conditioner and even beard oil for those who favor a little facial hair. Classic Shave is the shave cream of choice for anyone who covets rich, creamy lather; but, user beware, many guys find their Classic
Shave in the shower as the ladies love it for their legs!

Not sure which to choose? Here are two insider tips.

● Use an Oil if your skin is dry or if you want to “block out” the edges of your beard on cheeks and neck areas.
● Use a Cream if you want moisturizing lather and razor slip. When choosing Cream don’t forget the shave brush to gently exfoliate skin and raise beard hairs.

For those wondering how to properly use a shave brush, Team HERO shares 3 simple steps to the richest lather possible.

1. Apply a generous dollop of Classic Shave into the palm of hand.
2. Dip the shave brush into warm water and flick into the sink to release excess. Press the brush hairs firmly into the cream and work the brush in a circular motion to create foam.
3. Squeeze the excess foam from the brush between thumb and forefingers. Then use the tips of the brush hairs to massage the cream into the face and beard in an upward, circular motion.

Always allow shave product (cream or oil) to sit on the face for about a minute before beginning any actual razor shaving. This helps soften beard hairs, making them easier to shave. To reduce the risk of irritation, shave with the growth pattern of beard hairs. It’s okay to do a second pass “across the grain.”, but shaving “against the grain,” can lead to irritation and bumps.

The last step in the Shave Ritual ? A generous application of an after shave skin conditioning product like HERO Post Shave to calm and rebalance the skin. Maintaining the skin’s naturally protective acid-mantle, pH balance and moisture after a shave are key to promoting healthy looking skin.

The good news? Whether naughty or nice, everyone wants the least painful shave experience possible, so, for anyone who has that “hard to buy for” guy on their shopping list, Cross suggests sharing this Shave Ritual along with a gift of award winning HERO Shave Products. A sure way to become the favorite holiday elf.

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