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Fellowship offers Online Hair Health Workshop

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing is kicking off the new year with an invitation to join its ONLINE HAIR HEALTH WORKSHOP, which is open to all non-members as well as members. 

The workshop is scheduled for January 17th, and the workshop will be mentored by Trisha Buller and Kerry Mather. 

Trisha and Kerry will be sharing their passion and expertise for trichology and nutritional advice.  

Trichology and nutritional advice have become the norm in hairdressing salons and hair loss, both temporary and permanent, is no longer a taboo subject. The Covid 19 pandemic has increased anxiety and stress levels significantly, emotions that can cause hairstyling havoc. Hair loss is being flagged up as an unwelcome side effect for those recovering from the virus. Learn from the experts how the appliance of nutritional science is the secret to healthy hair and healthier profits in the current trading realities. 

Meet the mentors: 

Trisha Buller MIT SRSH, Ciente Salon & Spa 

Senior Consultant Trichologist and nutritional practitioner, Trisha, will present her manifesto for promoting healthy hair from within. She’ll reveal how going deeper into the dermis pays dividends and share her business building strategies for today’s changing hair and scalp health market. 

Kerry Mather, KJM Salons 

Seasoned hairdresser and owner of KJM Salons for 30 years, Kerry has acted as Vice-Chairman of the Fellowship, been a BHA nominee and BHBA winner. She’s passionate about promoting hair health within her salons, and turning troubled strands into confidence boosting glossy locks. 

If you would like to be involved in the Fellowship’s full events and educational programme, you can join the Fellowship here. Link to 

For more information on the workshop and other upcoming events, go to 

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