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Find Out How Booksy Can Support Your Business During the Festive Period

Make the most of the festive period with 5 Tips to increase your revenue!

Find out how Booksy can support your business during this time, and try out a free trial.

Booksy Ambassador Alan Beak, explaining the 5 tips to maximise your Christmas revenue!

1. Get Yourself on the Market: During this holiday season, we can anticipate that many people will be traveling fair distances to reconnect with loved ones. But where can out-of-towners find a reliable place to get a quick cut before a family gathering? Booksy Marketplace.  Creating an online profile for your barbershop on the Booksy marketplace can help you get discovered by new clients every day. By building your profile, with great images, client reviews, and a comprehensive list of your services and prices, it has never been easier for potential clients to find you, and book in!  

2. Modify Your Menu: As time draws closer and closer to the holidays, many barbershops feel a rush of clients, just wanting a quick clean-up. During these busy few days, you might want to modify your menu list, to include shorter, faster turn-over services – to get as many of your clients in and out of the door, in time for the festivities. Booksy makes this easy-as-can-be, as you can simply create a bookable list of services you offer for the holidays.   

3. Blast Your Memos: While we all love a hand-written season’s greetings card, it might not be the most efficient way to share your news with your client base. With Booksy you can instantly get any news, promotions, changes, or reminders to your entire database, via SMS and email.  

4. Don’t Forget: This time of year, with so much going on, it would be easy to forget your head if it wasn’t screwed on right! With Booksy, you can send your clients automated reminders before each appointment, to avoid the dreaded late arrivals and no-shows.  

5. Give the Gift of Easy Shopping: What’s a better gift than time? With Booksy, clients (and your client’s loved ones) can easily purchase gift cards for time and services at your barbershop, making holiday shopping quick and painless, and putting some cash in your register, and appointments in your schedule for the slower January days.

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