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FineFettle Beard and Moustache Conditioners – Natural Care for Facial Hair

FineFettle is all about working with nature and making natural ingredients work with your clients’ facial hair and skin. The ingredient that really sets FineFettle apart from the crowd is lanolin. A natural oil derived from the wool of sheep, lanolin is what makes FineFettle’s Beard and Moustache Conditioners so effective, leaving facial hair hydrated, nourished and soft – have you ever felt how soft sheep wool is!

FineFettle Beard and Moustache Conditioners will not only leave your clients’ facial hair softer, shinier and easier to control, they will also help eliminate itching thanks to the soothing effects of many of the other naturally derived ingredients.

Beard and Moustache Conditioners from FineFettle are available in three distinctive scents, all inspired by the natural world, plus there’s a perfume-free option for those who want to stay, well, au naturel!

Tempt your clients with the following aromas:

A Nod to the Earl contains Cedarwood, Bergamot and Rosewood, providing an aroma of smoked wood with a hint of citrus; Pine & Dandy offers a wonderfully clean and fresh fragrance courtesy of Alpine Lavender, Egyptian Geranium and Scots Pine; Baaa Humbug

blends the invigorating tingle of peppermint with the sweet almost vanilla like wonder of benzoin; The Birthday Suit is disrobed of scent, but just as effective as its fragranced counterparts.

RRP: £19.99/50ml

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