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Further Your Career With Sport Clips

Sport Clips is like no other place, there are sports everywhere, TVs playing all the latest scores, with teams of highly trained staff looking after guests. If you are on the lookout for a new opportunity, Sport Clips are hiring talented stylists and barbers and with 1800 locations to choose from, you’ll find a Sport Clips near you.  

With a culture and environment like no other, there are many reasons that the brand retains some of the most talented stylists and barbers in the business, with great career paths; leadership training and personal development, medical benefits and paid vacation and a relaxed culture, it is an excellent opportunity to further your career.  

We spoke with Frankie Perez who has been with Sport Clips for eight years, and now works in San Diego. “I had a misconception of what Sport Clips was and what they were all about, until my wife introduced me to them. Honestly, I just didn’t feel like I fit in there. I felt like everybody had a certain look, and everybody was a certain way, and I realized real quick that wasn’t the case. I realized that I did fit in there, and there was a place for me there.” 

“When I actually got in there and started to learn all about it, I was like, man this company has everything, everything that you need to succeed, everything that you need to feel welcome, everything that you need to feel part of a family, part of a team. And to be honest, I’ve worked for different franchises, different corporations, and I’ve just never experienced anything like that. So, it was really surprising to me.” 

“The training is incredible, and we are all put through it. It is geared to people that are new to the business all the way to the ones that have been in the business for 25 years. We really invest in our team members and set them up for success. The culture is strong and it’s more of a family environment than a job. We want to see you succeed. We want to see you grow. We want to see you buy that car, that home that you always wanted. We want to see you go on those vacations. So, I think it’s really personalized to each team member.” 



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