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Why go to the barber when the barber can come to you?

Why go to the barber when the barber can come to you? Since October of 2017, Get Groomed have been doing just that, bringing quality cuts to their clients’ doorstep. We talk to Get Groomed, who provide on-demand services, about how they grew their business and how they hope to build on their success.

When one of the co-founder’s was struggling to find a decent barbershop in London because of his work schedule, he knew there had to be another option. The shops were either too crowded or required him to be there before he finished work.

“We discovered that there was no platform available for what we were looking for: flexibility, high quality and absolute convenience,” says co-founder, Giuliano. “We decided to build a prototype and find some barbers who might be interested.”

It’s been 18 months since then and the Get Groomed team is now 22 barbers strong, covering about half of the London area, with more than 1,200 customers in our platform. As well as cutting clients on demand, Get Groomed also run barber-on-demand pop-ups in co-working spaces and doing corporate events with the likes of Groupon and They were even awarded Best Emerging Barber Brand by Hair & Barber UK 2018 and are continuing to grow.

At Get Groomed, barbers come to their clients at a time that suits them, making it super convenient to get a haircut, without having to change your schedule. They are even being compared to the likes of Uber and Deliveroo, offering haircuts, beard restyles, luxury and wet shaves on demand, but the ultimate goal is to have an on-demand barber at the customer’s doorstep within an hour. They even travel to care homes and hospitals to ensure everyone gets the chance to get a new haircut.


“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and people are requesting more and more on-demand services at their doorstep. We have had requests from Oxford, Manchester and Birmingham,” says Giuliano. “We are planning to expand our services all over the UK and have our pop-ups in every office space. We’ve also been working with non-profit organizations like Brixton Soup Kitchen and WLM and we’re looking to partner with more non-profits and have a positive impact on the society. We believe Get Groomed has the potential to be the Deliveroo of the male grooming industry!”

With the company growing so fast, the Get Groomed team are keen to reach new heights and are looking to partner with some leaders in the industry and passionate investors who can help them grow to reach their goals.

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