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Gettin’ the Blues

The colour blue itself is associated with freedom, imagination and inspiration to name just a few things, making it a fabulous choice when it comes to hair colour. There are so many shades of blue, making them a great colour to incorporate into your hair, with a shade to suit everyone, no matter what your current hair colour is or your hair type or skin tone. 

Jim Shaw, owner of Toni&Guy Billiericay, said: “As we quickly transition from winter into spring, pastel blue hues will be particularly on trend. I love creating a pastel blue tone on my male clients and find that a lot of men don’t feel too apprehensive about choosing this colour, as it’s not so vivid in comparison to other bold and bright hair colours. A lot of men are now being more experimental with hair colour and previous trends have included icy blondes, silver and grey tones. For men who have tried these cooler tones already, this blue is a great choice for their next look. 

“When creating this shade on male clients within the salon, it’s firstly important to pre-lighten the hair with bleach to achieve a clean blonde that the blue will take to. 

“Once the hair has been lightened, the blue colour can then be applied. My favourite product to use to create a beautiful pastel blue is Crazy Color Bubblegum Blue. This colour is lovely on its own but it can also be mixed with lighter/darker shades of Crazy Color to alter the shade slightly too, allowing it to work for all clients and achieve their desired hue. 

“When any client comes into the salon for a colour service like this, I always recommend a hair treatment to repair the hair as much as possible after the colouring process and to give the hair added moisture and shine. 

“After you’ve finished styling the look, always discuss with your client about blue hair colour aftercare and how they can keep their blue hue looking its best until their next appointment.  

“Encourage them to invest in some good quality hair care, such as shampoos, conditioners and treatment that will keep the colour locked in, as well as styling products that can be used to not only style the hair, but also give it further nourishment too. 

“The American Crew Precision Blend Shampoo is a great shampoo choice, which protects against colour fading and that rejuvenates the hair to keep the colour vibrant and healthy in appearance. American Crew Fiber is another favourite product of mine that can be used to style the finished look and give the blue a fantastic shine.” 

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