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Go Green While Keeping Clean with Easydry

With the recent publication of government guidelines and the first barbershops in the UK set to reopen their doors on Saturday 4th July, PPE, for most, has been high on the list of priorities. Although the use of disposable gowns and towels is not set to be mandatory, there will be some expectation from clients and staff. Providing disposable gowns shows your client that their safety is paramount, but what about all that extra waste? Easydry have the solution. 

Made from medical-grade fibre, the Easydry disposable towels are single-use and more hygienic than multi-user cotton towels and traditional laundry. This gives both you and your client peace of mind that you are offering the highest hygiene standards possible. 

Made using eco-friendly processes and without the use of chemicals, they remove the issue of sustainability when it comes to disposable products. Many barbers are keen to shy away from disposable towels and gowns due to the increase in waste, but with Easydry, barbers and shop owners can breathe easy knowing there is a biodegradable solution. 

To reassure your customers, with every Easydry purchase, you will get a specially created hygiene sticker to place in your shop window, showing that your shop uses disposable towels and can offer a clean, fresh towel, every client, every time. 

In addition to their towels and in even higher demand in barbershops are Easydry’s  new long, black, 100% compostable disposable gowns! 

Currently celebrating 15 years since the launch of its’ very first eco-friendly, hygienic towel, CEO and founder, Anne Butterly, has been listening to her customer needs during this time of crisis. 

“I always listen to the feedback and listening to salons over the past few difficult months, I clearly heard that salons need and want a gown that is both hygienic and eco-friendly,” she explains. 

So, to address these needs and as part of the anniversary celebrations, Easydry is launching their very own 100% compostable long black gown. Many barbers have been concerned about the use of disposable gowns and the extra waste they will create, but, as with their towels, these gowns are eco-friendly and just as effective.  

The full-length gown is ideal for all services, providing protection for the guest and the barber, with a soft material that provides the client with both comfort and reassurance. After use, the gowns can be easily composted, so you can reduce your carbon footprint while simultaneously protecting your staff, yourself and your clients. 

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