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Green Salon Collective launches sustainability accreditation programme

Green Salon Collective has partnered with sustainability consultancy The Liminality to offer a unique accreditation system for salons and other businesses in the hair and beauty industry. 

As the original authority on holistic sustainability throughout the UK and Ireland, Green Salon Collective is perfectly positioned to offer advice, support and guidance to businesses looking to improve their green credentials. Achieving GSC accreditation demonstrates to clients, staff and the wider industry that a business goes above and beyond when it comes to looking after people and the planet by creating a sustainable salon experience.

The GSC accreditation process comprises six simple steps, beginning with an initial preparation stage designed to ensure that applicants understand what is required of their business to qualify. The measures are stringent, based on everything from a business’s energy provider, waste reduction and food and drink options, to its staff policies and even its approach to diversity and the wider community. 

Following this, applicants should select the relevant fee (£199 for salons, £99 for freelancers) and complete an online questionnaire at a time to suit. GSC’s Accreditation Programme Director will then arrange to visit the primary business location for a personalised audit, during which they will verify the applicant’s claims. If for any reason all criteria is not fulfilled, they will offer personalised guidance on what further steps are required to earn accreditation.

‘We are thrilled to be able to offer salons a thorough and authentic assessment that helps highlight the efforts they have made to take sustainability seriously’ says Fry Taylor, GSC co-founder. ‘Our accreditation process is stringent but easy to understand, with advice that is simple to implement – our aim is to enable as many businesses as possible to become more socially and eco-conscious.’ 

To find out more about GSC accreditation or to apply for accreditation, please click here 

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