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Guess Who Just Crossed The Pond To Canada? Daimon Barber


Daimon Barber, the prestigious London-based professional brand celebrated for its diverse range of men’s hairstyling, grooming, and skincare products, a staple at premium barber shops, Harrods, Selfridges, and other upscale retailers across the UK, has now ventured across the pond to establish a presence in Canada. In a visionary mission to introduce global beauty brands to the Canadian beauty industry, Oriac, the largest distributor in Canada, has partnered with Daimon Barber, securing its position as its exclusive supplier for the Canadian market. 

It all started with the Original Pomade (50g / $35.00 CAD) created by Daimon, a seasoned London barber. Hence the name Daimon Barber. Louis Hayes-Davies later joined Daimon Barber and facilitated the creation of new and unique formulations to expand on the Original Pomade. Now Louis is at the helm as owner and Managing Director, Daimon Barber has become one of the most respected and sought-after brands in the men’s grooming category. 

Daimon Barber has become synonymous with unrivaled quality and beautiful design, not to mention its complex fragrances. Yuzu Paste (100g / $65.00 CAD) gets its distinctive scent from a sparkling aroma with wonderfully sweet, tart and bitter elements that are subtle yet impactful. Texture Clay (100g / $65.00 CAD) is scented with Fig and frankincense combined to give a sophisticated and fresh scent. Our Original Pomade is made with Raspberry seed oil and Bee propolis to nourish the hair. Daimon Barber offers a diverse range of products, with prices starting from $35 CAD for the 50 gr. container size of its hairstyling range.

In a Canadian grooming market dominated by others, Daimon Barber emerges as the sole British player, carving out a unique niche. Renowned for its innovative formulations, the brand offers a comprehensive range, including high-performance hair styling, skincare, beard care, and shaving products. The exceptional Revitalising Moisturiser (50 ml. / $84.00 CAD), featuring plant-based ingredients, is designed to hydrate and revitalize the skin. For beard aficionados, the classic Beard & Stubble Softener (50 ml. / $50.00 CAD) contains nutrient-rich avocado oil and aloe vera, ensuring facial hair stays healthy, and the skin beneath feels moisturized.

“Creating these remarkable products and seeing them on the shelves of esteemed Canadian retailers is an immensely proud and exhilarating moment for our brand,” Louis stated. “Launching in Canada marks a huge chapter in our brand’s journey, and we look forward to them becoming one of our strongest partners.”

Building on the brand’s triumphs, Louis Hayes-Davies inaugurated the Daimon Barber Hair Retreat to great fanfare. Located in a three-story townhouse in Stratford-Upon-Avon, this flagship salon and outlet for Daimon Barber products promises guests a complete personal experience, offering various services from haircuts to facials to traditional hot towel shaves.

Daimon Barber’s entire product line is crafted with ingredients sourced from the U.K., boasting a 100% cruelty-free, paraben-free, and “nasty chemicals”-free ethos. 

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