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After an exceptionally successful year, the Fellowship’s live regional showcase event – Hair & Vision Presents is back with new content, new locations and new presenters for 2023.

Throughout this year Hair & Vision will be visiting Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds and London providing Fellowship members throughout the UK with a venue that is easily accessible to them. Everyone is welcome at Hair & Vision, Fellowship members can attend for free as part of their membership status and non-members who are looking to find out more about becoming a Fellowship member and see some inspiring education can attend for £19.95. 

Each Hair & Vision event has its own theme; cutting, textured hair, men’s hairdressing or colour as examples and will be hosted by a member of the Fellowship or the sponsor of the event.  The content of the evening is diverse and will vary from event to event, but one thing that you can rest assured of is that the evening will leave anyone who attends inspired and motivated. Fellowship members will be invited to take part in Hair & Vision, presenting their latest looks and sharing their ideas and inspiration with others.  There will also be an opportunity to meet your hair heroes and chat to them in a relaxed informal setting and members of the Fellowship Executive Board will be on hand to answer any questions you have. 

Dates are constantly being updated on the Fellowship App or Website and the first Hair & Vision Presents Let’s Talk Texture sponsored by Avlon/Uberliss is taking place on Monday 27th February in Leeds.  Co-hosted by Fellowship President Robert Eaton and Avlon’s Jacqui MacIntosh, the event will feature textured hair experts – Brandon Messinger, Lathaniel Chambers, Anthony Grant and Claire Chell. 

The second Hair & Vision Presents will be held in London on Tuesday 28th March at the Hunter Collective. Providing our southern members with the  opportunity to experience the Let’s Talk Texture theme sponsored by Avlon/Uberliss and co hosted by  Fellowship President Robert Eaton and Avlon’s Jacqui MacIntosh and featuring Avlon artists Claire Chell, Anthony Grant and Pashcan’el Mitchell. 

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