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Iconic UK grooming brand Captain Fawcett stocked in V’s Barbershops across USA

V’s Barbershops, synonymous with the authentic barbershop experience since their establishment in 1999, are proud to announce the addition of prestigious UK grooming brand Captain Fawcett Ltd to their repertoire.

Captain Fawcett Ltd is a Manufacturer and Purveyor of a simply delectable range of ‘First Class Gentlemen’s Grooming Requisites’. The multi-award-winning product ranges are proudly ‘Made in the UK’ and favored by top-tier barbers and hair stylists throughout the world.

Founded by Jim Valenzuela (Mr V) in homage to cherished boyhood memories at Nick’s Barbershop, V’s Barbershops are acclaimed across the US for their time-honored sense of community and impeccable service.

Now, bolstering their mutual commitment to quality and tradition, V’s Barbershops introduce Captain Fawcett, renowned for heritage, craftsmanship and commitment to excellence. This partnership marks a significant milestone for both brands, as they continue to redefine the barbershop experience, fostering memorable moments for men and their sons across the nation.

Mr. V (Jim Valenzuela) said: Partnering with Captain Fawcett to be their exclusive US retail launchpad is an exciting moment for V’s Barbershop. Their uncompromising quality, refined aesthetic, and elite reputation make them a standout in the men’s grooming space.

“This is something the American market hasn’t seen before, and we’re honored to be the ones to introduce it.

Richie Finney, founder of Captain Fawcett, said: “I am absolutely delighted our brand has found its first American home with V’s Barbershop, marking what promises to be the beginning of an inspiring partnership.

“Mr V shares my own love for the cherished traditions of classic barbershops, places where time slows down, stories unfold and memories are not just made, but woven into the very fabric of our lives, honoring the timeless bonds uniting us across generations.”

Inspired by the many aromatic oils collected upon his voyages around the globe, Captain Fawcett offers a comprehensive range of contemporary male-specific products, infused with elegant fragrance and perfect for scent layering.

Masterminded at a magnificent Gentleman’s Emporium in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, UK, Captain Fawcett pays tribute to the ageless spirit of adventure which lives on in the hearts and minds of gentlemen everywhere.

Captain Fawcett is a key Brand Partner of The Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s ‘Project MEN’, providing products to global industry experts as they mentor the new generation of barbers and hairdressers at prestigious events throughout the year.

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