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‘I’m Ready!’ – A new feature from Booksy

We want to do our best to help you find your new normal once restrictions have been lifted, and safely prepare for the re-opening of your salon for future visits. That’s why we’ve introduced a new feature that will help you easily notify your clients when it’s perfect time to come back into your salon and everything has been prepared to safely start the appointment. Introducing, I’m Ready!

Picture this: the COVID-19 lockdown has been lifted and you’re ready to re-open your business. As the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we think about health, safety and hygiene procedures, you’ll want to make every effort to make your clients feel safe during the visit. Many of your customers are looking forward to using your services again, but may still be afraid of being in contact with a large number of people in a small space. That’s why we’ve introduced I’m Ready, a new feature that will help to make your clients comfortable while visiting your salon, knowing that you’ll be ready to give them your undivided attention in a safe space.

Thanks to the new I’m Ready feature, you can easily notify your clients via the Booksy app that they can already come into your salon and start their appointment. Now you can minimize footfall in your salon and reserve some padding time between appointments to sanitize the tools and workspaces, while your client waits outside your salon until you’re ready to go. So if they want to avoid the busier spaces and don’t want to cross paths with other people inside your salon, they can wait until you ask them directly to come in. 

I’m Ready! How does it work?

  1. Choose an upcoming visit in your calendar and go to the appointment details.
  2. Click the “I’m Ready” button at the bottom and send a confirmation to notify your client that you’re ready for the appointment.

3. Clients using the Booksy app receive an SMS or Push notification telling them that you are ready for their visit and they can now come into your salon.

And it’s as easy as that. With our new I’m Ready feature, you’ll be able to give your clients some much needed peace of mind when it comes to heading back out and enjoying their health, beauty and wellness treatments. 

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