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Incredible $5,000 donation made to New Jersey barbershop

We just love this GOOD news story, and know you will too!

An anonymous businessman has donated $5,000 to Caravelli’s Barbershop in Haddonfield, New Jersey. But there’s a specific catch… owner Anthony Fiore was to use the donation to fund free haircuts for essential workers.

Owner: Anthony Fiore (Photo: Curt Hudson / Philadelphia Inquirer)

Not only was this random act of kindness from an anonymous donor… but Anthony also ensured to not publicise the donation until AFTER the $5,000 had been fully utilized. This was to ensure that the free haircuts for doctors, nurses, firefighters, police, EMT workers, supermarket employees and more, went to regular customers of his barbershop.

We can only congratulate both the anonymous donor and Anthony on this incredibly kind and worthwhile cause. Thanks for the good news, guys!

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