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Incredible barbershop museum re-opens in Norfolk

Iconic UK barbering figures Captain Fawcett, has re-opened his ‘simply marvellous’ barbershop museum in King’s Lynn, Norfolk.

Originally opened back in March 2019, the museum was forced to close earlier this year due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

However that only served to close the museum temporarily, as the ever-extravagant Captain has now endeavoured to re-open the museum VIRTUALLY, thanks to some very clever 3-D mapping technology.

In the Captain’s own words… “it is a veritable tonsorial treasure trove celebrating literally centuries of craftsmanship. Along with sharing the origination of now invariably, mass produced everyday items, this extensive archive includes truly exceptional antique pieces dating as far back as the seventeenth century. It is a magnificent tribute to the ancient, most noble profession of the Barber Surgeon and is believed to be the world’s largest collection of its kind.”

So what are you waiting for… go visit the museum virtually here!

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