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BarberEVO Magazine UK & Ireland #14 is out now!

In this edition we have some real showstoppers including an exclusive interview with newly appointed OSMO brand ambassador, Justin Carr, The Baller’s Barber.

We also showcase the best barbershops that Manchester has to offer and bring you an insight into some of the most exciting barbers and barbershops on the other side of the Atlantic as we talk to the likes of Whitney VerMeer, Sid Sottung and Church Barbershop, one of San Franciscoโ€™s most exciting shops right now.

We delve into music culture and alcohol in the barbershop, speak to industry experts on the importance of combs and brushes, celebrate international womenโ€™s day with Panasonic and even explore the growing trend of female clients in the barbershop.

Who says weโ€™re not good to you? Enjoy!

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