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Issue 3 North America

[two_third last=”no”]Many believe in the law of attraction and swear by published works like ‘The Secret’. Positivity and the correct mental mind-set seems to flow throughout the pages of Issue #3.

Our third edition takes an optimistic turn as we talk to Andis ambassador Danny Amorim – the self-proclaimed ‘Success Addict’. Can one be addicted to success? We also sit down with J. Starr, A.K.A: Iced Out Barber, the personal barber of Floyd Mayweather Jr., a man that turned champs into chumps with his take on the ‘Philly Shell’.

Using that not so subtle segue, we head to the city that spawned legendary fighters Joe Frazier and Bernard Hopkins to look at the barbershops serving the men of Philadelphia. Philadelphia Barber Co. is our first stop, a barbershop that encourages community and artistic collaboration.

Community will always remain at the heart of the barbershop, but shops – as is the craft – are changing. From booking apps to branded WiFi, we delve into the array of barbering technologies available for shop owners to allow them to spend more time doing what matters.

Issue 3 is our most jam-packed to date and this is just a tiny snippet of what’s ahead so without any more distraction we’ll let you crack on and read it. Enjoy!

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