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IVAN ZOOT wins lifetime achievement award

Booksy, the leader in booking and business technology for the beauty industry, congratulates Ivan Zoot, its Brand Ambassador, on being honored with the Barber Lifetime Achievement Award at the Barber Grammy’s held at the Connecticut Barber Expo in May. 

In addition to working with Booksy, Zoot is President and CEO of Zootcuts, as well as a trainer, coach, mentor, and industry educator with 30+ years of experience. He is also the winner of three Guinness World haircutting records including World’s Fastest Haircut, Most Haircuts in One Hour, and Most Haircuts in 24 Hours. Zoot is also the author of 13 books including the “ClipperGuy Says” series, Be a $100,000 Haircutter and 100X100, 100 New Haircut Clients in 100 Days. Zoots has been an Ambassador for Boosky since 2016.  

“On behalf of the entire Booksy team, we congratulate and celebrate Ivan’s award and many accomplishments. He has been instrumental, through his passion and talent, in helping share our mission and educating savvy beauty pros about our App.  His skills as a barber, educator and leader allow him to engage with all levels of beauty professionals, and especially with the barber community. Well done and well-deserved on this award, Ivan!” commented Dee Hadley, Head of Marketing, Booksy.  

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