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Keep your tools close to your chest!

The Dark Stag brand has announced a new product to the market, The Dark Stag Chest Holster.  

It’s the best solution to help barbers save time by reducing travel to and from the station. It can save up to six minutes per cut, allowing barbers to spend more focussed time with the client. 

Made with hardwearing and washable canvas, multiple mesh front pockets for increased visibility of your tools and a stitched faux-leather embossed clipper pocket giving you the convenience of knowing where all your essential tools are at all times. A fully adjustable, one size fits all accessory designed and made with barbers in mind. 

Designed and built exclusively for barbers, the Chest Holster makes it easier to locate your tools at all times. Durable, easy clean and sporting a selection of pockets (even one for your clippers), it has fully adjustable straps to fit all shapes and sizes.  

Available to pre-order for delivery in early April.  

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