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Kevin Luchmun launches all-new online education platform

The globally renowned, award-winning barber, educator and photographer Kevin Luchmun, has created an all-new online platform allowing instant global access to his acclaimed education.

No stranger to the hallowed pages of BarberEVO Magazine (both in the UK and North American editions), Luchmun has become an influential figure in the male hair industry following his work as Toni&Guy International Artistic Director and impressive freelance career as an educator. Luchmun has created a unique insight into his own distinct style with a sole focus on learning and sharing his passion.

‘By Kevin Luchmun’ is focussed around twelve video tutorials that dissects current fashion-led trends in men’s hair.

‘By Kevin Luchmun’ is tailored to all levels of ability and demonstrates an eclectic range of current styles and the techniques needed to create them.

The programme can be accessed from anywhere in the world and includes step by step head sheets and a brief on the inspiration behind the distinctive looks. For more information and to subscribe visit


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